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Millie Bobby Brown wants to learn to surf.

The 16-year-old actress loves spending time by the open water but has never attempted the pastime and thinks it would be something she'd really enjoy when she's visiting her favourite beaches.

She told HELLO magazine: "I love the ocean and the waves but have never actually learned to surf before so I think I would like to learn to surf.

"Also, my favourite place in the world is Australia so it would be great to try surfing there."

The 'Stranger Things' actress wishes she had more time to go on holiday but when she does get to go on vacation, she likes spending "quality time" with her family and getting to know the local wildlife.

Asked how often she goes on holiday, she said: "Not as often as I'd like to with work and school but my family and I now carve out special trips where we can go somewhere and spend quality time together.

"We try to make it a place that's really interesting to all of us so we can explore and also relax.

"On holidays, I just like to relax really. Listen to music, read a little. But I also love to be outside and adventure a little, to see all the things that are unique to the places I visit. My favourite thing is to meet the animals that live there."

Millie's personal style has been changing regularly as she grows older and more mature and loves the fact she can experiment with whatever looks she wants to.

She said: "My style changes every year. I'm young and I feel as if, as I mature, what I love and how I'd like to express myself evolves along with me.

"So I'd say my style changes to express on the outside how I feel on the inside.

"I gravitate towards a mix of tomboy and feminine because I don't think there's any need to be one or the other.

"I love the fact that, as modern women, we can be as many things as we want without feeling confined."

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