The cast of CHEFS

Photo: Courtesy of Roslyn Hart

Have you ever found yourself watching an episode of Iron Chef and thinking, “this would be a lot more entertaining if the chefs were also dancing and wearing less clothing?”

CHEFS: The Sizzing Kitchen Showdown is an interactive theatrical comedy show starring male stripper-chefs competing for the title of “king of the kitchen.”

The show presents a fictional scenario where aspiring chefs compete for a high-salaried position at a new restaurant in Las Vegas that’s being opened by Patrick Wilde, a famous stripper-turned-chef.

As the chefs compete, the audience votes on who they think should progress. The loser, instead of being eliminated, must remove articles of clothing.

The show was created and written by Roslyn Hart to provide a sense of empowerment to women as the show provides an opportunity for audience members to speak up and use their voices to demand and define their desires.

CHEFS will be coming to Milwaukee on March 22 and will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $29.50 and can be purchased at, by calling (414) 286-3205 or at the box office.

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