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Billie Eilish didn't know the Spice Girls were a real band until two years ago.

The 'Bad Guy' singer saw the group's 1998 movie 'Spice World' and thought Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C - aka Ginger, Baby, Posh, Scary and Baby - were playing characters and their songs featured in the film had been written as part of the soundtrack.

She admitted: "I thought 'Spice World', the movie about the Spice Girls, was a made-up movie about a group of girls who sang.

"And I thought all the music was written for the movie and I thought all the characters were cast for those character.

"I didn't figure it out until two years ago."

The 17-year-old singer - who wasn't born until a year after the 'Wannabe' hitmakers had split up - admitted she didn't really watch much television when she was growing up so there were other elements of pop culture that she wasn't too clued up on.

Speaking on Capital FM, she admitted: "I didn't have cable growing up so I didn't really watch TV shows on a channel.

"I had DVDs of things and I just re-watched them.

"So I never saw 'SpongeBob' the show. I didn't know it was a show, I thought it was only a movie."

The 'Bury A Friend' singer previously admitted she thought the Spice Girls were "re-enacting" the film when she saw them in action.

She admitted last week: "I watched that movie like 40 times. I remember seeing Spice Girls and thinking, oh my god they're re-enacting the movie."

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