Letters to the Editor

  • Betsy DeVos’ family gave $1 million to senators who’ll vote on her confirmation

    In this last election cycle, billionaire Betsy DeVos and her family invested $1 million to help elect 21 U.S. senators who will now vote on whether she becomes Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education. The DeVoses have given Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson nearly $49,000. Trump proposes spending $20 billion for vouchers and chartered schools for inner-city youth. In fact, DeVos and her family have s.... Read More
  • GOP leaders should shed Trump hypocrisy

    In my opinion, there is an urgency facing this nation with Donald Trump being the nominee for the Republican Party. I am dismayed that certain Republican leaders have not stepped up to the plate with courage to not only address Trump but his followers as well. It is my notion that leaders like John McCain and Paul Ryan are putting holding on to power before country. This is a shame considering .... Read More
  • Federal budgeting to save lives

    I write you today as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Reid Ribble and their colleagues in Congress craft the federal government’s budget for FY 2017. As they do so, I encourage them to protect cost-effective, life-saving programs that fight diseases like HIV/AIDS, tackle hunger, and help the world's poor pull themselves out of poverty for good, all for .... Read More
  • For the Clean Power Plan

    I write this letter on behalf of all those who feel that the future of our beautiful state is in jeopardy. I grew up camping and fishing in our pristine north woods. I want others, for generations to come, to be able to enjoy these treasures. But not supporting the Clean Power Plan, regulation on carbon emissions from power plants, can no longer be ignored. The compounding effects from decades of .... Read More
  • End Title IX discrimination

    The June 28 issue of WiG featured a lengthy article by Lisa Neff praising Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972. But due to enforcement of this law, by 1999 colleges had eliminated 171 men’s wrestling teams, 84 men’s tennis teams, 56 men’s gymnastic teams and men’s track squads. How could a law meant to prevent sex discrimination in sports be used to exclude men from participa.... Read More
  • An all-white Summerfest?

    I was waiting with bated breath for the Summerfest Marcus Amphitheater lineup. Would it be Jennifer Lopez with Wisin & Yandel? The Dream performing with Fabolous? Don Omar or Prince Royce? To my amazement we’ve gone backward to a point that never existed before this new Summerfest management: This year’s Marcus Amphitheater lineup is all-white entertainment. This is an urban city in 2012 where.... Read More
  • Thanks for coverage of neo-Nazi rally

    I am writing to thank you for the Wisconsin Gazette’s balanced, informative and accurate article on the Sept. 3 neo-Nazi rally and counter-demonstration. As a member of Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope, I was one of the many standing in the rain in protest of those claiming to “defend white America.” I was disgusted by the posturing of the combat-booted thugs hoisting their.... Read More
  • Equality is never optional

    The following is a statement from Mary Kay Henry, international president of the Service Employees International Union, marking the occasion of  Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 26: Ninety-one years ago today, American women won the right to vote in a victory that brought our country one step closer to equality. Universal suffrage opened the door to equality that reshaped America. These courageous .... Read More
  • Recalling lefty violence

    I read a recent opinion piece in your paper, titled “More Blood on the Right’s Hands.” Jamakaya, whom I respect and worked with at In Step Magazine, missed an important detail in her piece. The so-called “lethal threats continually issued from the right” rarely, if ever, produce results in this country. I would also bet that those she quoted were not serious about actual violence or murd.... Read More
  • The upside of the Tea Party

    It is a good thing that WiG has given Wisconsin a voice. As is so often the case, your loosened cannon has targeted a truly heinous foe. As horrid as the Tea Party’s motives are, they drive the GOP further toward the cliff of the indefensible right-wing extreme. The Republicans are dangerously vulnerable to a political “market correction” in 2012, as demonstrated by the special congressional.... Read More