• Star Wars attractions opening at Disney

    The Force is awakening a little early at Walt Disney World. The Florida-based theme park resort has unveiled new "Star Wars" entertainment weeks ahead of the much-anticipated release of the movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Some of the Star Wars attractions opened last week at the resort's Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. Those include a courtyard filled with all-things "Star Wars," a v.... Read More
  • Hemingway’s Havana: The Cuban capital retains numerous tributes to the famous author

    In the 1940s and 1950s, Ernest Hemingway was the most famous reveler at Floridita, one of his two favorite Havana bars, where he spent long afternoons with his large hand wrapped around a delicate daiquiri glass. Often he would order “papa doubles,” with twice the amount of rum of a normal drink, a further testament to the American author’s robust appetite for life. Hemingway still oversees .... Read More
  • Travel news: Cuba guide, New Orleans lights, hotel emojis

    Tourism in Cuba has boomed with the resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S., and a just-published travel guide offers an up-to-date look at visiting the country. “Cuba As Never Before” by Louis E.V. Nevaer, looks at not just classic attractions like Havana’s rum museum and Ernest Hemingway sites, but also offers a guide to some of the newest places of interest to tourist.... Read More
  • Serenity Now: Wandering avenues of the dead in Montmartre

    Just around the corner, it’s a typical Parisian rush hour with bumper-to-bumper cars honking their way down the Boulevard de Clichy past garish shop fronts and the blazing red sails of the Moulin Rouge. But here in the Montmartre cemetery the only sound is the trill of birds as they flit through the shady trees lining the avenues of the dead.  It doesn’t get much more serene than this. This i.... Read More
  • Amtrak bike service takes passengers from rails to trails

    Bicyclists from major cities between Washington, D.C. and Chicago who want to bike the C&O Canal towpath or Great Allegheny Passage can now take the rails to their preferred trails with Amtrak’s new roll-on bicycle service. The bicycle service, which began earlier last month, is available on Amtrak’s Capitol Limited line, which runs from Washington, D.C. to Chicago with many stops in between, .... Read More
  • American Queen offers luxurious Upper Mississippi cruises through October

    A trip from the Quad Cities to Burlington seldom is an all-night affair. But navigating the world’s largest overnight steamboat under bridges —some with mere inches of clearance — and through a series of locks on water crowded with pleasure craft and barges is no rush job, meaning what might take a couple of hours by car is a 12-hour voyage on the Mississippi River. Not that any of the more .... Read More
  • Renovation modernizes South Dakota Corn Palace

    The Corn Palace has been steeped in agricultural tradition since 1892, so when the caretakers of one of South Dakota’s most popular tourist attractions decided it was due for some maintenance, they also decided to gently nudge it into the 21st century. Gone are the fiberglass green-and-yellow onion domes, replaced by airy steel versions. A new marquee, larger corn murals and a walk-out balcony h.... Read More
  • New England port lore: Whaling, pizza and a perfect storm

    New England’s ports are reinventing themselves to compete with one another and from larger ones, but they were once legendary. From one of the world’s great whaling ports to the Navy’s first submarine base and the city featured in “The Perfect Storm,” here is a look at their lore: WHALING IN NEW BEDFORD One of the world’s great whaling ports of the 19th century, New Bedford, Massachuse.... Read More
  • Experiencing the fickle beauty of Lake Superior

    The early morning hours in Presque Isle Bay, just off Stockton Island in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, were characterized by a quietude the likes of which I had never before experienced. Floating in a sailboat on the pristine water, I knew I might never experience such serenity again. The gentle waves undulated smoothly across the water’s surface in this pocket of Lake Superior, as if .... Read More
  • Wisconsin Ducks celebrate 70 years

    The Wisconsin Dells’ best-known water attraction celebrates its 70th birthday this summer. Since its founding, the Original Wisconsin Ducks have taken more than 15 million visitors on tours of the Wisconsin River’s picturesque rock formations. Able to operate on both land and water, the tour’s “ducks” are former military vehicles invented for amphibious transport during World War II. The.... Read More