• YouTube top-earning celebrity: PewDiePie

    YouTube's top-earning celebrity is a 25-year-old videogame-playing jokester who took in $12 million over the past year. Forbes magazine says Felix Kjellberg, better known by his handle "PewDiePie,'' tops its list of people who have spun short online videos into huge piles of cash.  YouTube stars make money mainly by getting paid to interact with products on their channels and sharing ad revenue w.... Read More
  • ‘Harry Potter’ e-books come to life in new Apple edition

    You don’t need to be a wizard to see the “Harry Potter” books come to life. The seven books are getting a makeover with more than 200 new illustrations in enhanced e-books made for Apple devices. More than half of the illustrations are animated or interactive, with such touches as a golden snitch from Quidditch matches flying away as you tap it on the screen. Series creator J.K. Rowling also.... Read More
  • The 2016 candidates and their Twitter follows

    Jeb Bush follows Donald Trump on Twitter but that’s a one-way street: Trump mainly follows people with a connection to himself. Ted Cruz’s follow list is a big tea party, though he keeps an eye on President Barack Obama, too. Marco Rubio seems open to following everyone under the sun — Democrats, fellow Republicans, insiders of every type and an odd assortment of outliers who offer advice on.... Read More
  • Review: Better photos, animated shots in new iPhones

    Photography gets even better with Apple’s new iPhones. Although the iPhone is already among the best smartphones for everyday shots, images from previous iPhones haven’t been as sharp as what rival cameras produce. The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models address that, with 50 percent more detail, while introducing animation for still images and brighter low-light selfies. Screens remain at 4.7 in.... Read More
  • Out with the old…iPhones? 4 ways to reuse, resell, recycle

    Each year, Apple dazzles its devoted fans with faster, sleeker, more powerful iPhones with better cameras and a bevy of bells and whistles. So, what’s to become of last year’s model? Instead of sentencing it to a lonely existence in a desk drawer, there are plenty of ways to reuse, recycle or resell older phones. Here are a few: • DONATE TO CHARITY Several charities accept old phones for don.... Read More
  • Top Apps for iPhone, iPad

    Top Paid iPhone Apps: 1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Mojang. 2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros. 3. Five Nights at Freddys 4, Scott Cawthon. 4. VHS Camcorder, Rarevision. 5. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB. 6. Lara Croft GO, SQUARE ENIX INC. 7. Akinator the Genie, Elokence. 8. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations. 9. Ski Safari 2, Sleepy Z Studios Pty Ltd. 10. 7 Minute Workout Challenge, Fitness Guide Inc. Top Free.... Read More
  • Experts: Deleted online information never actually goes away

    The Ashley Madison hack is a big reminder to all Web users: If you submit private data online, chances are it will never fully be deleted. The hackers, who stole the data about a month ago and then posted it online this week, claimed in a statement that part of the reason for the theft was Ashley Madison’s fraudulent promise to fully delete users’ information if they paid the company a $19 fee.... Read More
  • Are Spotify and other streaming platforms hurting artists?

    The digital age of music distribution has taken the music industry completely by storm. In the last decade, streaming services have become one of the most popular ways that consumers can affordably and conveniently access their favorite artists’ music.  That’s why Taylor Swift made headlines when she took her entire discography off Spotify and other platforms last year. The move was made just.... Read More
  • Review: Gadgets for the beach and getting you there

    If you’re headed to the beach or any other weekend getaway, don’t forget these “essential” gadgets. Of course, no technology is truly essential. You’re at the beach! Disconnect! Go swimming! Build sandcastles! Still can’t leave the gadgets behind? Well, consider these: E-BOOK READER OR TABLET You’ll want reading material. Sure you can bring real books and real magazines, but that’s.... Read More
  • Tracking patents not steps: Jawbone sues Fitbit in fight over patents

    How many steps to the courthouse? Fitness tracker maker Jawbone has filed its second lawsuit in two weeks against competitor Fitbit. The complaint filed Wednesday says that essentially all of Fitbit's products violate patents belonging to Jawbone, and asks the court to stop Fitbit from making and selling those products. Jawbone wants a jury trial to resolve the issue, and it is also seeking compen.... Read More