• ‘Ratchet,’ ‘Warcraft’ and the new breed of video game movies

    At long last, it seems Hollywood has pushed the reset button on its approach to video game adaptations. From the reviled 1993 live-action rendition of “Super Mario Bros.” to last year’s loathed arcade-inspired “Pixels,” big-screen interpretations of games have almost always failed to score with critics and audiences. With four films based on popular interactive series set for release .... Read More
  • Demand for the new Tesla is wild

    Demand for the new Tesla Model 3 has been eye-popping, with consumers pre-ordering about $13.7 billion worth of the electric sedans nearly two years before they go on sale. Yet experts aren’t yet ready to proclaim it’s a tipping point with mainstream America moving from burning gasoline to charging batteries. The reason? Most of the 325,000 people worldwide who put down $1,000 deposits a.... Read More
  • Apple still strong at 40, but are best years behind it?

    Apple turned 40 this spring, and it’s a very different company from the audacious startup that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched in a Silicon Valley garage in 1976. Today, the maker of iPhones and Mac computers is the world’s most valuable public corporation, with 100,000 employees and a new, multi-billion dollar headquarters in Cupertino, California, set to open next year. But despite it.... Read More
  • Screening Room startup sends tremors through film industry

    The Screening Room, a startup backed by Napster co-founder Sean Parker and music executive Prem Akkaraju, has sent tremors through the movie industry since word of its ambitions were first reported this month. Parker and company are seeking to upend the theatrical model and bring first-run films, through a $150 encrypted set-box, directly into the home for $50 a pop. The service has the supp.... Read More
  • On-demand only bookshop opens in Paris

    To many Parisians, the letters PUF have always been associated with the intellectual heart of the French capital. So when the 95-year-old venerable publishing house specializing in human and social sciences was forced to close its historic bookshop on the Place de La Sorbonne in 1999, it left a big void in the heart of many students and researchers. But Les Presses Universitaires de France is .... Read More
  • Her Story rules Game Developers Choice Awards

    Her Story captured the most trophies at the Game Developers Choice Awards. The interactive mystery was honored this week for best narrative, hand-held/mobile game and innovation at the 16th annual ceremony honoring interactive entertainment. Sam Barlow’s indie game stars actress-musician Viva Seifert as a young wife being interrogated about her missing husband. Earlier in the evening, Her .... Read More
  • Timelooper app takes you back in history

    Imagine watching frantic shopkeepers busily extinguish the Great Fire of London, or sheltering from Nazi bombing raids during the Blitz. Now, with a new virtual reality app, you can travel back in time to be immersed in these events. The Timelooper app allows users to experience key moments in London history with just a smartphone and a cardboard headset. For example, when Timelooper cofo.... Read More
  • This is a technology wish list for 2016

    There's plenty for tech companies to do in the new year. Here's a wish list for 2016: PICK AND CHOOSE ONLINE TELEVISION In 2015, HBO and Showtime freed themselves from traditional television shackles. Both now offer app subscriptions directly to consumers - with no cable or satellite TV service required. It's a start, but lots of worthy channels, including ESPN, remain locked up in packages filled.... Read More
  • ‘Witcher 3,’ ‘Fallout 4’ lead top 10 games of 2015

    Associated Press video game critics Lou Kesten and Derrik J. Lang’s favorite titles of the year featured monster hunters, treasure hunters, guardian spirits and murder suspects: LOU KESTEN 1. “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”: This role-playing drama from Poland’s CD Projekt Red set a new standard for weirdness when it sent his hero in pursuit of a flying ghost fetus. For all its baroque touches,.... Read More
  • Green self-driving cars take center stage at Tokyo auto show

    Visions of cars that drive themselves without emitting a bit of pollution while entertaining passengers with online movies and social media are what’s taking center stage at the Tokyo Motor Show. Japan, home to the world’s top-selling automaker, has a younger generation disinterested in owning or driving cars. The show is about wooing them back. It’s also about pushing an ambitious governmen.... Read More