• ‘Pit Bull’ Proud: Adoptions available

    From now through October, MADACC is offering a discounted adoption fee of $45 for pit bull terriers and mixes. The dog adoption fee is typically $75. “Pit Bull Terriers are fun, loving, and highly-motivated to please their owners, which make them great family pets! MADACC has a dog to fit every personality, young puppies to mature adults! We want people to stop down at our adoption events to see.... Read More
  • Gardening with your pet in mind

    Veterinarians are beginning to preach the gospel of gardening — primarily how organic fruits and vegetables can be used to improve the health of family pets. Everything from carrots to leafy vegetables and fruit can be added to the cat or dog dish. That saves money on pet food, too. “I’m seeing things like broccoli, cucumbers, apples and pears showing up in animal diets,” said Dr. Eric Pat.... Read More
  • HELLO KITTY: Milwaukee animal control waives fees for adult cat adoptions

    The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission will waive adoption fees for all adult cats (over 5 months old) through Sept. 30. Waived fees include spay/neuter surgery, microchip, and up-to-date vaccines. A $12 license fee will apply for all Milwaukee County residents. Kittens will be available for adoption for a $75 adoption fee. “When you adopt a companion from our facility, you’re .... Read More
  • National Dog Bite Prevention Week is underway | What to do, what not to do

    National Dog Bite Prevention Week is underway. And Because children are the most vulnerable and easily injured, the American Veterinary Medical Association is focusing on teaching kids how to deal with dogs. Of the 4.5 million people bitten every year by dogs, more than half are kids, said Dr. Jose Arce, an American Veterinary Medical Association board member.  Bites kill about 16 people a year. .... Read More
  • Cats speak with meows, blinks, tails, whiskers

    When it comes to cats, those meows mean … well, a lot of things. With each purr, yowl or even blink, felines are saying, “Hello,” “Let’s snuggle” or “Beat it, Dad.” For the increasing number of pet owners who want to connect with their often-aloof fur babies, experts say there’s something to gain from those attempts at communication. Cats are independent, and so they are easily m.... Read More
  • When ‘woof’ means ‘I do’

    When Barb and Frank Prevort of Menomonee Falls decided to breed their German shepherds, their 5-year-old granddaughter objected. “You can’t have babies unless you’re married,” the girl said. So her grandparents staged a wedding for the two pooches in their backyard. About 30 human friends attended the nuptials, which were performed by a family friend. The Prevorts’ other dog — a white .... Read More
  • Dogs and cats need eye care, too

    A beagle named Hope once was blind but now she sees, thanks to a doctor at the Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center. Dr. Peter Accola, a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, removed cataracts from both of the seven-year-old dog’s eyes at WVRC’s Waukesha hospital. Veterinary specialists like Accola are part of a fairly new but rapidly growing area of medicine — a response to the growin.... Read More
  • Making clothing to warm cold pets

    It’s that time of year when many dogs need a little extra protection against the weather — a coat or a sweater.  Among the dogs most in need of outerware are small breeds, such as Chihuahuas, pugs and Shih Tzus, several kinds of terriers, and some larger, short-haired breeds like greyhounds and Doberman Pinschers. You can buy cold-weather doggy wear, of course. And websites such as Pinterest .... Read More
  • Cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy in a category of his own

    Jackson Galaxy, author and host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, is the definition of a cat whisperer. Since the show premiered in 2011, the cat behaviorist has come to the aid of many cat owners, assisting them in working out various cat-astrophes and bringing harmony to homes with sparring feline frenemies. Galaxy’s new book Catification, written with feline environment designer Kate B.... Read More
  • Suit against EPA seeks ban on pesticides in flea treatments

    The Natural Resources Defense Council has filed a lawsuit seeking to push the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  to respond to its petitions and ban two hazardous pesticides used in popular pet flea treatment products. The EPA has restricted household use of some neurotoxic pesticides due to concerns that the products can harm children’s brains and nervous systems, but it still allows neurot.... Read More