• Refuting Ted Cruz’s disinformation about climate change

    Ted Cruz is decidedly at odds with the scientific consensus that Earth is warming because of human activity. A look at some of the Republican presidential contender’s claims on the subject in New Hampshire this week and how they compare with the facts: CRUZ: “The satellites that actually measure the temperature, that we’ve launched into the air to measure the temperature, they have rec.... Read More
  • American attitudes toward animals are shifting

    Ever since WiG added a pet section last year, countless stories have come to our attention demonstrating the surprising lengths that Americans go to care for their furry friends. At a time when senseless violence dominates the news, greed overwhelms our society and hateful, divisive rhetoric guides our political process, these stories remind us that the human heart still beats strong. The manner i.... Read More
  • Does Trump have fans, or voters? The wondering begins as Iowa looms

    It’s the No. 1 question headed into the primary season: Does Donald Trump merely have fans, or does the national front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination have voters who will mobilize come caucus day? The definitive answer won’t arrive until first-to-vote Iowa heads to the polls on Feb. 1, but interviews with dozens of voters, political operatives, party leaders and campaign vol.... Read More
  • Neon glows bright at Electric Eye

    There’s a glowing house in Bay View, a house lighted by shimmering neon.  It’s the home and studio of Jeff Kelley and Marj Inman, owners of Electric Eye Neon. If Electric Eye sounds like a niche business, that’s because it is. Kelley and Inman pride themselves on being among the few makers of neon art in the area. Thanks to them, this art lives strong in Milwaukee. Electric Eye has been in .... Read More
  • Making a phenomenon: Netflix series shines spotlight on Steve Avery murder case

    “Did he just reference the O.J. Simpson case?” the armchair juror asked, looking sideways at her co-juror, sunk deep into the couch after hours of binge-watching Making a Murderer, the Netflix series about Wisconsin’s prosecution of Steven Avery for a rape he did not commit and the murder of a woman for which he is serving a life sentence. The 10-part series, a runaway hit that debuted o.... Read More
  • For Hillary Clinton’s fans, it isn’t too early to talk ‘2016’

    Hillary Rodham Clinton stayed on safe political ground on April 2, advocating women’s rights globally in a 12-minute speech, but that was enough to excite fans imploring the former first lady, senator and secretary of state to run again for president three years from now. Clinton, perhaps as popular as ever in her 22 years in national politics, said she has “unwavering faith in the untapped po.... Read More
  • Milwaukee gets royal audience with Prince Poppycock

    Prince Poppycock, aka John Quale, made one of the more enduring impressions on audiences and judges when he appeared as a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” in 2010. Attired in elaborate costuming as a baroque dandy – right down to the powdered wig and lacy sleeves – the prince was proclaimed “the male Lady Gaga” by judge Sharon Osbourne. In addition to his rare talent and flair fo.... Read More
  • Wines for spring | Enjoy a splash of Spain and Portugal

    Thoughts of Old World wines do not always bring Spain and Portugal to mind as top producers. But they should. After France and Italy, the Iberian Peninsula is the third largest producer of wines in the world, with 3 million acres under wine grape cultivation in Spain alone. You might think that’s an awful lot of sherry and port, for which the two countries were historically known. But acreage de.... Read More
  • Present Music chooses world premiere for its first-ever opera

    The creation of art is often inspired by myths or historical events. “Judgment of Midas,” loosely based on characters from Ovid’s epic poem “Metamorphoses,” falls squarely into that genre. Composed by Kamran Ince with a libretto by Miriam Seidel, the work is scheduled for performance April 12-13 by the Milwaukee-based contemporary music ensemble Present Music.  Ince, a Turkish-American .... Read More