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A campaign flyer for "Furry Boi"

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We might be inspired by the stories of the day, the tabloid at the checkout counter, gossip in our ears or a reader's tip in our email. If it strikes us as a little bit off, a lot of silly, positively preposterous or reveals the absurdity of our present situation with the president, it’s WiGWAG. News with a twist.


Furred up

At the University of California, Berkeley, a squirrel campaigning for easier access to acorns won its election to the Associated Students of the University of California Senate. But the sophomore behind the “Furry Boi” campaign has a different set of priorities. Those include the environment, disabilities and mental illness, which he may or may not address in a squirrel costume.


Indoor/outdoor club

Penn State University says the Penn State Outing Club founded in 1920 can’t organize outdoor activities after this semester. The administration also sank outdoor activities planned by groups of spelunkers and divers. The school cited the great risks of the wilderness but WiGWAG suspects the real threat is liability coverage.


Equal playing field

Milwaukee Bucks’ star Giannis Antetokounmpo tipped the winning basket in Game 6 of the team’s battle with the Boston Celtics for a shot at the Western Conference finals. So, it became national news when one of the city’s most popular taco restaurants didn’t have room to seat him and his girlfriend for a postgame dinner. Bel Air Cantina issued an apology, but — in a state that’s virtually ruled by special-interest money — we can’t help but appreciate the rare story of an equal playing field.


Leaders of the pack 

Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson is recruiting for its summer internship program with an offer that includes a free motorcycle. The company will pay eight college students or recent graduates to ride a motorcycle and share the adventures on social media. And at the end of the 12-week internship, they keep the bike. 


Serial killers, maybe try Pinterest?

Facebook has published 27 pages of its rules — what you can and cannot do on the social media platform. The guidelines even clarify that serial murderers are prohibited from the service. At Facebook, anyone who has committed two or more murders over “multiple incidents or locations” qualifies as a serial killer and is banned. But if you’ve only committed a single homicide? Post away!


Trump’s twin found in a field in Spain?

A woman in Spain has found unexpected fame on social media for bearing a striking resemblance to Donald Trump. A journalist reporting on farming in northwestern Spain posted on Instagram a picture of Dolores Leis dressed in farm clothing with a hoe over her shoulder, prompting thousands of responses. The 64-year-old has since been asked to comment on pressing U.S. policy and international issues — though she has shown more concern for a moth plague threatening her potato crops. About the resemblance, she told the La Voz de Galicia newspaper, “I say that it must be because of the color of the hair.” 


Somewhere, over the mouse head

California’s Disneyland and the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, are debuting rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse ears for sale in anticipation of Pride month. The ears are known officially as the “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love” hat.


Memories best forgotten

The Indiana pizzeria made famous for announcing it would not cater same-sex weddings has closed. The married couple who owned Memories Pizza was emboldened to issue the statement following the enactment of then-Gov. Mike Pence’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” Kevin and Crystal O’Connor said their departure was not provoked by the controversy over their business, but rather their desire to retire. They could afford it. Evangelical Christians raised more than $840,000 for them online.

Don’t drink and kiss

Alcohol drinkers have nasty mouths, according to a study recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Microbiome. Researchers found that drinking, especially heavy drinking, helps bad bacteria thrive in the mouth while creating a negative environment for good bacteria. 


Keeping it classy

At a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump announced that Macron had dandruff on his shoulders and, with the cameras rolling, proceeded to brush it off. It was just one more example of the odd, dueling-alphas bromance between the two men.


Pot boom

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2014, business has boomed. Denver now has 170 pot dispensaries — more than the number of Starbucks, McDonald’s and 7-Eleven stores in the city combined.


But what about schools?

The NRA has banned guns from Mike Pence’s speech at its annual leadership forum in Dallas. Enough said.




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