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With members of Congress in their districts for the four-week August Recess, thousands of constituents will join in the “Resistance Recess.”

This nationwide call-to-action involves more than 200 events at officials' town halls and public appearances — or at self-organized “constituent town halls” and speak outs.

Building on the success of two Resistance Recesses earlier this year, activists will be convening to:

• Hold GOP members of Congress accountable for their votes on health care repeal

• Speak out in support of Medicare for All

• Stand up for immigration rights and immigrants.

• Pressure Congress to investigate Donald Trump's to Russia

• Fight for progressive values.

Events are being planned by members of Congress, MoveOn members and activists across the country involved with organizations like United We Dream, Planned Parenthood, and many others.

MoveOn members, during recess, also are applauding Senate Democrats for refusing to back down in their support for the health care of millions of Americans and reminding them they must continue to stand united and use every available tool to block "Trump’s toxic agenda that would bankrupt our country and divide our community for the benefit of billionaires and corporations."

Resistance Recess events began Aug. 7 and continue through Sept. 4.

“Millions of MoveOn members and people throughout the nation have pushed elected Democrats to stand strong in their opposition to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda," said Victoria Kaplan, organizingdDirector at

She added, "These same people also helped to prevent congressional Republicans from advancing harmful policies, including the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. This movement represents a resistance against Donald Trump that is strongly united in both action and strategy. That’s why thousands of constituents across the country will unite at local events, with or without their Congressperson, during the August Recess, to demand that their members of Congress hold Trump accountable and block his agenda.”

The Resistance Recess is a grassroots movement supported by Civic Action.

The August organizing effort is the culmination of MoveOn’s Resistance Summer.

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