Author : Kirstin Roble

  • A birthday party fit for a Stradivarius, at Frankly Music

    From roughly 1700 until his death in 1737, Italian luthier and crafter Antonio Stradivari produced more than 1,000 instruments, considered to be “bold and innovative” even in his lifetime. To call a Stradivarius bold and innovative today is an understatement. The nearly 450 violins that have survived are considered some of the finest ever produced, and many of them are considered museum-qualit.... Read More
  • Present Music again a reason to give thanks

    Present Music has produced no shortage of successful collaborations and commissions, but one of the standouts is always the annual Thanksgiving concert. Held this year on Nov. 23 at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Present Music’s latest version of the concert gave audiences another reason to be thankful this season. The company began the evening by shattering the audience’s anticipat.... Read More