Author : Brandon Miller

  • Unrehearsed MKE brings musicians together for inspired improv

    Band members generally spend a great deal of time preparing for performances — warming up, reviewing play sets, polishing difficult stretches, honing introductions. But the performers who sign up for Unrehearsed MKE have no such opportunity. “The concept for Unrehearsed MKE is to be randomly put into groups that have never played before together and create improvised music,” says founder Dev.... Read More
  • ‘Vaginal Knitting’ raises a number of feminist issues

    Melbourne-based feminist artist Casey Jenkins says she had no idea that a video clip showing her “vaginal knitting” performance art project would go viral, attracting more than 4 million viewers after it was featured on SBS, an Australian news publication.  “In my mind it was a subtle piece of performance art, marked by quietude and space,” Jenkins says. The short video shows Jenkins sitt.... Read More