Petitioners renew call to ‘fire’ Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke

Voces de la Frontera

Voces de la Frontera, Wisconsin’s leading immigrant rights group, announced April 26 the filing of a petition signed by 10,000 people calling for Gov. Scott Walker to “fire” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The following is the petition letter sent to the Republican governor in both English and Spanish:

Governor Walker,

Fire Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke! According to the Wisconsin Legislative Council, you have the authority to remove county officials for “inefficiency, neglect of duty, official misconduct, or malfeasance in office.”

On Sheriff Clarke’s watch, dozens of women have been shackled while giving birth.

Four community members died at the jail in just six months in 2016, including a newborn baby and a man who died of dehydration.

Clarke abused his authority as Sheriff to detain a man at the Milwaukee airport for looking at him the wrong way.

Clarke later threatened the man on the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office official Facebook page, where he also threatened to beat up the Milwaukee Mayor.

Clarke has wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars defending himself in lawsuits and enriching himself as an extremist right wing media personality.

State officials have accused Clarke of obstructing their inquiries into these scandals and tragedies.

Instead of cooperating with investigations, reforming his department, or doing anything to increase public safety, Clarke is seeking authority under the federal 287g program to have his sheriffs deputized to act as Immigration agents. 287g will increase racial profiling, waste millions of dollars and hurt Milwaukee County’s economy, and make community members afraid to report crimes, making everyone less safe.

Clarke is clearly guilty of “inefficiency, neglect of duty, official misconduct, or malfeasance in office.” Sheriff Clarke has got to go!

Gobernador Walker,
¡Despida al Aguacil del condado de Milwaukee David Clarke! Según el Consejo Legislativo de Wisconsin, usted tiene la autoridad de sacar a los oficiales del condado por “ineficiencia, negligencia de deber, mala conducta oficial o malversación en el cargo”. Bajo el mandato de Sheriff Clarke, docenas de mujeres han sido encadenadas mientras dieron luz. Cuatro miembros de la comunidad murieron en la cárcel en sólo 6 meses en 2016, incluyendo un bebé recién nacido y un hombre que murió de deshidratación. El alguacil Clarke abusó de su autoridad como aguacil cuando detuvo a un hombre en el aeropuerto de Milwaukee por mirarlo de manera desagradable. Después, Clarke amenazó al hombre en el Facebook oficial de la oficina del sheriff del condado de Milwaukee, en donde él también amenazó a golpear el alcalde de Milwaukee. Clarke gastado decenas de miles de dólares públicos defendiéndose en demandas judiciales y enriqueciéndose como una personalidad extremista en los medios conservadores. Los oficiales estatales han acusado a Clarke de obstruir sus investigaciones sobre estos escándalos y tragedias.

Clarke es claramente culpable de “ineficiencia, negligencia de deber, mala conducta oficial, o malversación en el cargo”. ¡Sheriff Clarke se tiene que salir!

Why is this important?

Clarke is a national pariah. His efforts to bring 287g to Milwaukee County will increase civil rights violations, hurt the economy and make everyone less safe. 287g has been totally discredited nationwide.

Where it has been implemented, it has lead to an increase in racial profiling and constitutional rights violations.

Communities that enrolled in the program, like Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County, Arizona, have wasted millions defending themselves in civil rights lawsuits, while serious crimes have gone ignored.

The program would make tens of thousands of people in Milwaukee County afraid to report crimes, making all less safe.

On places like Fox News and at white nationalist events like the “Deplora-ball,” Clarke has compared the Black Lives Matter Movement to ISIS and made racist slurs against Black, Muslim, and Latinx community members he is sworn to protect.

The deaths in the Milwaukee jail are a tragedy for which Clarke may bear legal responsibility.

His harassment of a community member at the airport is shameful, and his obstruction of the investigation may well be criminal.

Clarke’s extremist antics in the right wing media completely misrepresent Milwaukee County and Wisconsin. Governor Walker, use your authority to fire Sheriff Clarke.