Milwaukee woman reports burns after Fitbit explosion

Associated Press

A Milwaukee woman said she was burned when her fitbit exploded on her wrist.

Dina Mitchell said she suffered from second degree burns after wearing her Fitbit Flex 2 device for only two weeks. “The Fitbit itself is totally melted. The bracelet melted, and I got pieces of plastic burned into my arm,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said her doctor had to pick pieces of plastic out of her wound. According to Mitchell, her fitness tracker exploded while she was reading a book. She said there was no indication anything was wrong with the device prior to the explosion, and Aurora Health Care confirms Mitchell visited urgent care the very next day.

“This a product so many people use. My nephew, their whole class gets these from their teachers, and they wear them,” said Mitchell.

The device, however, does come with a warning. The Fitbit website cautions consumers stating: “The device contains electrical equipment that could cause injury if not handled properly.”

Mitchell said she was very careful when wearing the device, but that didn’t prevent something from going wrong. “If they are exploding or if there’s some type of malfunction with them, I mean, I’m going to have a scare from this probably, can you imagine what it would do to a child?” said Mitchell.