Multi-millionaires are lining up to run against Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Democratic Party of Wisconsin

This week, a total of three multi-millionaires have lined up to try to unseat Tammy Baldwin in her reelection to the Senate seat held by Wisconsin Senator Bob Lafollette. These millionaires, each attempting to forward their own special interest agenda, see Baldwin as the final barrier to total control in Wisconsin.
First, Eric Hovde is a real estate mogul that lived in DC until he decided he wanted to buy Wisconsin’s senate seat in 2012. Hovde, with assets reaching $50 million in 2012, failed in his first attempt, losing in the Republican primary, is rumored to be ready to try again.
Next, former College Democrats of America Chair and political opportunist, Kevin Nicholson, also has a big monied backer. Nicholson received news that an Illinois millionaire has put $2 million into a super PAC to support his candidacy for U.S. Senate.
And again, millionaire Nicole Schneider, daughter in-law of the late Donald Schneider, is preparing to use her millions to challenge Senator Baldwin. It’s not surprising that she’s now interested in getting into the race given the $230 million the family will make off the sale of the family’s company.
It’s no surprise that the uber-rich are lining up to oppose Senator Tammy Baldwin’s efforts to build an economy that works for everyone, not just them. Tammy has taken on the Washington special interests to better the lives of Wisconsinites. From taking on predatory hedge funds that shut down a 100-year-old paper mill in Brokaw, Wisconsin, to fighting the pharmaceutical companies price gauging of lifesaving naloxone, a medicine that stops the effects of an opioid overdose, Baldwin is fighting for a stronger Wisconsin economy for all.

From the Democratic Party of Wisconsin