Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival to hit Madison April 8

Dan Savage — the writer behind the Savage Love advice column, LGBTQ and political activist, and co-creator of the It Gets Better Project — brings his 12th annual HUMP! Film Festival to the Barrymore Theater, 2090 Atwood Ave. in Madison, for two shows on April 8 at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The HUMP! Film Festival features short dirty movies — each less than five minutes —all created by people who aren’t porn stars but want to be one for a weekend.

Created and curated by Savage, the festival is “a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes, all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity.”

“We bill HUMP! as an amateur porn festival,” Savage said. “But it’s more than that. It’s rare for people to watch porn that takes them outside their comfort zones — it’s rare for people to watch porn that, if they were home alone in front of the computer, they wouldn’t choose to click on and watch. At HUMP! straight people watch gay porn, vanilla people watch kinky porn, gay people watch lesbian porn. And people laugh, they gasp, sometimes they cover their eyes. But at the end of every film people clap and cheer. It’s moving and wonderful and newcomers don’t expect it. The whole festival is a celebration of sexual diversity.”

For more information, visit humpfilmfest.com.