Emerge Wisconsin-trained women on April ballots

“Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Fifteen women who participated in candidate training programs administered by Emerge Wisconsin are on April 4 ballots in the state.

Emerge Wisconsin is considered the premiere training program for Democratic women in the state.

It’s associated with Emerge America and Emerge programs in 16 other states. The mission is to inspire Democratic women to run for office and hone their skills to campaign — and win.

Democratic state Rep. Melissa Sargent is a graduate of Emerge Wisconsin class of 2012 and on its board of directors.

“I think it is a really important organization,” she said. “I applaud the work of Emerge Wisconsin as it tries to bring more female voices into government at all levels.”

In November 2016, there were 213 Emerge candidates on ballots in 16 states, including in Wisconsin, and 150 won their races for state and local offices.

“The women who graduate from Emerge’s training program are fearless fighters who’ve been given the cutting-edge political skills they need to win,” said Emerge America president Andrea Dew Steele.

Emerge Wisconsin spring candidates

Two Emerge Wisconsin candidates, Emily Lindsey and Melissa Lemke, won primary victories Feb. 21.

Lindsey is running for city council in Sun Prairie and Lemke for city council in Racine. Lindsey received 48 percent of the vote in her primary and Lemke won 70 percent.

In the spring general election April 4, Emerge candidates include Lemke and Lindsey, as well as:

  • Paula Phillips for the Milwaukee Board of Education.
  • Anissa Welch for mayor in Milton.
  • Sarah Gaskell for Verona City Council.
  • Amanda Hall, Arvina Martin, Denise DeMarb and Barbara McKinney for Madison City Council.
  • Diane Odeen for River Falls City Council.
  • Joyce Hall for Hudson City Council.
  • Carolyn Clow for McFarland Village Board.
  • Tracy Thompson for Johnstown Town Board of Supervisors.
  • Annette Ashley for Middleton Cross Plains School Board.
  • Jenna Jacobson for Oregon Village Board.
  • Gaile Schwickrath for Platteville School Board.