Progressive leader Ed Garvey, gone but not forgotten

Buzz Davis
Ed Garvey, the friend of many, the leader of “what could have been” and a good man has died and I am saddened.
When he and Barbara Lawton ran for governor and lieutenant governor in 1998, they were a fantastic team that offered hope and moxie to the people of Wisconsin.
But big money talks.
Gov. Thommy Thompson was running for his fourth term and as the ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) representative in the race, Thompson had most of the money.
Schools and local governments were already being financially strangled and local control had disappeared with the 1993 cost controls to rein in unions and stop local spending.
Here we are decades later and local control has been killed along with public unions.  Barbara and Ed were right.  We could have and still can create a Wisconsin good for families and the environment, but not under Gov. Scott Walker, a dour ALEC replay in some respects of Thompson.
I will not forget Ed in the drizzle.
U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich was running for president in the Wisconsin primary and Ed and I invited him to speak in Madison. The rally was set up at the small private airport in Madison early in the evening.  A good crowd waited.  Kucinich’s plane was late.  We had a speaker’s platform set up. It was getting dark, looked like rain.  I asked Ed to talk to take up time.  The plane landed, drizzle started and it ended up Kucinich was exhausted, needed to eat and we found someone to go get a vegan dinner while he rested!
I went back outside and got Ed’s attention.  I asked, “Can you speak some more while they get Dennis rested and fed?”
Ed said, “I already talked for 20 minutes” and he went back to the mic and explained what was going on, laughed and said something like, Buzz wants to know if I can speak some more.
The crowd laughed. We held the media there, Kucinich gave a great speech and made the news.
Oh, Ed, he could talk, think, had no fear. And he gave hope!  Thank you, Ed!  You were and are an inspiration to many!  You fought for progressive ideals for decades as we have to do now.
Buzz Davis, fellow member of Veterans for Peace, formerly of Stoughton now of Tucson, Arizona.