Mark Miller, Cory Mason introduce Water Sustainability Act for Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Gazette

State Sen. Mark Miller, D-Monona, and state Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, recently  introduced the Water Sustainability Act.

“We have a responsibility to develop sustainable environmental policies that ensure our precious natural resources will be around for future generations. Businesses, homeowners, and municipalities all rely on groundwater resources to thrive in daily life,” Mason said in a press statement.

Current laws and regulations are inadequate to protect the public resource and to reduce conflict, according to the legislators.

Court decisions that direct the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to protect the waters of the state have been ignored by Scott Walker‘s administration, they added.

“The Legislature needs to act now. The science exists for Wisconsin manage our water resources so the reasonable use doctrine is fully realized; that every person has a right to use water but not to the point where it denies others,” Miller stated.

Supporters include the Friends of the Central Sands, River Alliance of Wisconsin, The Nature Conservancy, Clean Wisconsin, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club John Muir Chapter and Wisconsin Lakes.

“In the Central Sands, we are facing a water crisis,” said Bob Clarke, president of Friends of the Central Sands. “The Water Sustainability Act offers a scientific approach to managing our resources.”

Legislative authors include:

• Sens. Mark Miller, Chris Larson, Dave Hansen, Kathleen Vinehout, Janis Ringhand, Bob Wirch.

• Reps. Cory Mason, Gary Hebl, Nick Milroy, Sondy Pope, Jill Billings, Amanda Stuck, Josh Zepnick, Lisa Subeck, Evan Goyke, Chris Taylor, Tod Ohnstad, David Crowley, Dana Wachs, Dave Considine, Debra Kolste, Eric Genrich, Jonathan Brostoff, Terese Berceau, Melissa Sargent, Gordon Hintz, Christine Sinicki, Jimmy Anderson, Mark Spreitzer and David Bowen.

Keeping track

LRB 1902/1 & 1170/1, the Water Sustainability Act, is circulating in the Legislature for co-sponsorship until Jan. 20.