Trump says he didn’t want A-list performers who rejected him anyhow

After multiple A-list performers turned down Donald Trump’s invitations to perform at his inauguration ceremony in January, the president-elect now says that he didn’t want them anyhow.

Trump says he wants “the people” to attend his inauguration, dismissing the “so-called ‘A’ list celebrities” who’ve dismissed his overtures. He claims they are seeking tickets to the Jan. 20 event, even though they want no part of performing in it, according to The Associated Press.
On Twitter late Thursday, Trump slammed the celebrities who supported the campaign of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, saying, “look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING.”

The tweet doesn’t name any specific celebrities.

The website Vulture posted a partial list of the high-profile performers who have said no to Trump. They include Elton John, who was reportedly furious with Trump for using his song “Tiny Dancer” on the campaign trail without his permission. John issued a statement saying, “I’m not a Republican in a million years. Why not ask Ted f**king Nugent?”

Céline Dion is said also to have strongly refused the Trump administration’s invitation.

Trump’s transition team claims that Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli asked to perform at the inauguration but was rejected by Trump. There have been media reports, however, saying that Bocelli was booked but backed out of the event after backlash from his fans.
Kiss, Garth Brooks and David Foster also have refused invitations to perform at the inauguration of one of history’s most polarizing president-elects.

So far, Trump’s transition team has named just two high-profile acts willing to perform. Yesterday, the Radio City Rockettes announced that the troupe would participate. So did the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, although that decision prompted some backlash against the celebrated group.
Jackie Evancho, a contestant on America’s Got Talent has also said yes to Trump.

Trump’s inauguration event is expected to have far fewer well-known entertainers than inaugurations of other recent presidents.