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Bella, Max, most popular pet names in United States

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For the second consecutive year, “Bella” and “Max” are the most popular pet names in the United States for dogs and cats.

The survey of top pet names is conducted each year by Nationwide, provider of pet health insurance.

For five consecutive years, “Bella” has led the way as the most popular pet name in the nation for both canines and felines.

Although the top two monikers remained the same as last year, there were changes in the top 10 for each species.

For dogs, the name “Cooper” continued its meteoric rise. It’s now the eighth most popular name among canines — up more than 100 spots from three years ago.

Among female dog names, “Sophie” and “Maggie” both dropped out of the top 10, while “Lola” surged into the 10th spot.

Among cats, “Luna” saw a significant increase in popularity, surging into fourth place after failing to break into the top 10 last year. “Sophie” saw the most significant drop.

“Our annual review of the most common pet names gives us a unique view of popular trends among our members,” said Carol McConnell, vice president and chief veterinary officer for Nationwide.

“Our data often show increases in certain pop-culture themes among pet monikers. The most significant theme has been the continued popularity of the name ‘Bella,’ which has remained one of the top names ever since the Twilight series was introduced more than 10 years ago.”

The top 10 dog names, from first to 10th, are: Bella, Max, Lucy, Bailey, Charlie, Daisy, Molly, Cooper, Buddy and Lola.

The top 10 cat names are Bella, Max, Oliver, Luna, Lucy, Chloe, Charlie, Lily, Tiger and Shadow.

Despite these monikers being the most popular, many pet lovers choose less conventional names for their companions, such as “McLoven the StudMuffin” and “Agent Jack Meower,” which were crowned as Nationwide’s Wackiest Pet Names earlier this year.

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