Giuliani: Putting Trump’s business in blind trust would put kids out of work

Donald Trump will not put his purported billions of dollars worth of assets in a blind trust after he takes the oath of office, according to close advisor Rudolph Giuliani.

Giuliani made the statement in a response to CNN’s Jake Tapper during an interview this morning.

Trump’s holdings, which are blind to the public due to his refusal to release his income tax records, are international in scope, involving business relationships in Turkey and even in the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline.

Giuliani argued that since Trump’s kids now run his businesses, it would put them out of work if they were handed over to an independent trust manager. Trump’s three adult children were heavily involved in his campaign and are now an integral part of his transition team.

“If he doesn’t set up a truly blind trust, how can the American people know that when he makes decisions there’s nothing in it for him?” Tapper asked. “Every decision he makes … everything is going to be under the lens of what is the effect of this on his wealth or his family’s wealth.”

The former New York mayor went on to say that Trump had plenty of money and didn’t want to make any more.

But Trump was using his position as a presidential candidate to promote his new Washington, D.C., hotel during the campaign. He has filed several times for bankruptcy and has a history of stiffing contractors and employees. He’s been involved in 3,500 lawsuits, far more than any other president in history.

Trump faces a civil racketeering trial over fraudulent practices at Trump University before he takes office, although his lawyers are trying to either settle the case out of court or postpone it until after he’s sworn in.

“You have to have some confidence in the integrity of the man,” Giuliani told Tapper.

“Alright, if you thought the issues between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department were big, fasten your seat belts!” Tapper said.