AP: Dem counties in Wisconsin outpacing GOP counties nearly 2-to-1 in early votes cast 

Democratic Party of Wisconsin

With less than one week until Election Day, Democratic voters are coming out in full force to take advantage of early voting hours. With over 460,000 early votes cast as of yesterday, Democratic counties are outpacing Republican counties nearly 2-to-1 with votes for Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, and Democrats all the way down the ballot.

“I’m thrilled to see so many Wisconsinites taking advantage of the opportunity to cast their ballot early,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Martha Laning said in a press release. “The numbers show just how enthused Wisconsin Democrats are about their chance to participate in this historic election.”

The Associated Press reports that the last numbers posted by the Wisconsin Elections Commission show more than 30 percent of the nearly half of million early absentee votes have come from Democratic counties. Only 16 percent of early votes have come from Republican strongholds critical to statewide victories for Donald Trump and Sen. Ron Johnson.

“This entire campaign cycle, we’ve out-organized and out-worked the Republican Party and their candidates. We’ve made sure that everyone who wants to cast a ballot and is eligible to do so can make his or her voice heard this fall. This swell in Democratic early votes is an indication that Democrats will have a very good night next Tuesday,” Laning said.

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