Donald Trump looks more and more like a ‘loser’

I’m rooting for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency with over 50 percent of the vote on Nov. 8, with Donald Trump coming in a distant second with 35 percent (or less) and third parties sharing the remainder.

I want desperately to believe that at least 60–65 percent of U.S. voters will reject Donald Trump, who confirms with every utterance that he’s a dangerous madman.

Going over 50 percent will be important to prove Clinton’s legitimacy to govern, especially if Trump questions the validity of the vote.

Clinton has been running her campaign with a seriousness and dignity that befits someone who wants to be president. She has focused on issues and prepared carefully for presidential debates. She‘s outlined new policy proposals in a thoughtful and articulate manner. She has a powerful team of supporters like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders who attest to her knowledge and preparedness.

Trump has lurched from one crisis to another, sniping at Republicans, defaming whole groups of voters and denying reports of his crude personal conduct. He offers few policy prescriptions, only dire warnings about how bad things are and how the country would collapse if Clinton becomes president.

Trump has a shrinking team of supporters, including Rudy Giuliani, who spend most of their time in damage-control mode, attacking Clinton and the media.

It is ludicrous for Trump to claim the media are biased against him and rigging the election. For decades, the media have been Trump’s stepping stones to fame and fortune. Of course, he was going to be under greater scrutiny when running for president. That he failed to anticipate this scrutiny or manage it properly doesn’t say much for his leadership abilities.

Now the bully who called Mexican migrants “rapists” and mocked a disabled man is on the defensive, shambling around the debate stage and flailing away like, in Richard Nixon’s classic image, “a pitiful, helpless giant.”

Being the egomaniac Trump is, if he is not winning, it couldn’t possibly be because his message is flawed or people don’t trust his erratic behavior. The election must be rigged! Better to tear down people’s confidence in the entire electoral process than admit to being a loser.

“Loser” has always been the biggest putdown in Trump’s vocabulary of insults. He is likely to become more unhinged after the election and pursue a vendetta against the Clinton administration. He could be as dangerous to America in defeat as he most certainly would be as president.

To those who want to vote for a third party, I urge you to promote third party candidates on the local level. That’s where new parties have a chance to grow and have a real impact. And let’s be honest: this year’s third party presidential candidates are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree.

With Supreme Court slots and women’s health and climate warming in the balance, it’s imperative to vote for Hillary Clinton.