Millennials stage sit-in at GOP HQ, demand Priebus, Ryan reject Trump

The Wisconsin Gazette

Following chairman Reince Priebus’ announcement that the Republican National Committee will continue to back Donald Trump, millennial voters staged a sit-in inside RNC headquarters.

About 20 women participated in the Oct. 11 protest, demanding that Priebus and House Speaker Paul Ryan — both from Wisconsin — un-endorse Trump and disavow the GOP’s politics of hate for the sake of women, democracy, and our country.

Demonstrator Yong Jung Cho said, “Paul Ryan has said he can no longer defend Trump. But how can Ryan and Priebus continue to endorse the indefensible? The young women sitting in today are acting with more courage than selfish and cowardly Republican leaders who are putting women and our democracy at risk.”

The action was coordinated by the #AllofUs2016 campaign, which staged a prior demonstration at which 12 millennials were arrested  at Ryan’s office. The group was demanding Ryan disavow Trump and the “Republican Party’s history of dog whistle racism that led to Trump’s rise,” according to a statement released this week.

“Millennial women won’t tolerate Trump’s disgusting and dangerous sexism,” said 24-year old #AllofUs2016 leader Natalie Green. “Chairman Priebus and Speaker Ryan must un-endorse Donald Trump, otherwise the Republican Party is just another place where ‘locker room talk’ demeaning women is acceptable for millions of men across the country.”

The group #AllofUs2016 plans to mobilize millennials to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“We know that Donald Trump’s dangerous sexism and racism are not an aberration,” said 23-year old #AllofUs2016 leader Ambar Pinto. “When confronted about sexism and sexual assault, Trump began fear-mongering about Muslims and the specter of ISIS. This is what the GOP always does. They support sexist and racist policies through a narrative of hate and fear to divide the American people from each other.”

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