Clinton calls out Mike Pence’s failures as Indiana governor

From Hillary for America

Donald Trump has cited Mike Pence’s record on the economy as the “single most important” reason for choosing Pence as his running mate.  One problem: Pence’s economic record in Indiana has been mediocre at best.

  • USA Today: “Trump said it was ‘very unusual’ that Indiana has added 147,000 private-sector jobs. Not reallyFlorida (12.7%) and Utah (12.4%), for example, grew jobs at twice the rate of Indiana (5.9%).”  Under Mike Pence, Indiana’s job growth rate has lagged behind 19 other states.
  • “Trump praised Pence for balancing the state budget. ‘Can you imagine a balanced budget,’ Trump marveled. But Indiana is legally required to balance the budget, as are all states except Vermont.”
  • NBC News on Trump’s claim that Pence’s policies led to a low unemployment rate in Indiana: “While the unemployment rate in Indiana has declined since 2013, this mirrors national trends rather than being an outlier.”

The truth is that Pence was not a leader on the economy and his record was not unique. Job growth in Indiana paralleled the country’s as a whole and growth of Indiana’s economy lagged the national rate.  Under Pence:

  • The U.S. economy grew 40% faster than Indiana’s economy in 2015.
  • Despite Pence’s claims of strength, Hoosier incomes ranked only 36th out of 50 states in 2015.
  • Last year, Indiana was one of only eight states where income inequality increased.

In Congress and as governor, Pence consistently advocated for tax cuts for the wealthy.  Working families in Indiana have been hurt, not helped, by Pence’s efforts to cut taxes for corporations and the richest of Americans.

  • Pence voted for the Ryan budget, which called for trillions in new tax cuts for the rich.
  • Pence introduced a bill to cut the capital gains tax and embraces the flat tax.
  • Pence signed a law cutting corporate income tax rates by almost 25% – giving corporations and financial institutions tax cuts of $185 million a year.  Corporations had their tax rates cut 5 times more than Indiana families.
  • When the income tax cut that was signed into law by Pence in 2013 is fully enacted, it will save middle-income Hoosiers just $56.  It will save the richest 1 percent of Hoosiers nearly $1,200.

Pence’s policies have rewarded Indiana companies that outsourced Hoosier jobs – with millions of dollars.

  • Led by Pence, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation approved $24 million in economic incentives to companies that sent jobs overseas.
  • These same companies have or plan to outsource the jobs of 3,800 Hoosiers.

Pence’s policies have been holding Indiana back, not helping.

  • Pence opposed Obama economic policies that helped Indiana recover from the recession.  He voted against the economic stimulus and bragged about fighting the auto rescue that saved thousands of jobs in Indiana, saying, “I even opposed bailing out GM and Chrysler.”
  • Pence signed a law allowing skilled workers in Indiana to be paid less.  The law repealed the common construction wage, a tool used by state and local governments to set pay rates on building projects.
  • Under Pence, local governments are prohibited from enacting strong paid leave policies and raising the minimum wage in Indiana.

So what is Pence’s economic legacy in Indiana?  According to experts, it will be the fallout from his infamous anti-LGBT legislation that legalized discrimination, costing the city of Indianapolis $60 million dollars in economic impact.  As Indiana University Professor and former GOP mayor Paul Helmke said, “When I think of Gov. Pence’s term, the only thing that really jumps out to me is the brouhaha over RFRA… We still have a black eye from that.”

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