Milwaukee County Zoo

Kohl’s Donates $1.4 Million to Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Kohl’s has announced a donation of $1.4 million over three years to the Zoological Society of Milwaukee to continue the Kohl’s Wild Theater program at the Milwaukee County Zoo. The award-winning, interactive theater program uses drama, puppetry and song to bring important conservation messages to children and families.

“The Kohl’s Wild Theater program is an engaging way to bring conservation lessons to life for thousands of Wisconsin children every year,” said Jen Johnson, Kohl’s vice president of corporate communications. “This fun, informative theater program will continue so more families can learn about conservation and gain insights into how they can contribute to the welfare of wildlife.”

Kohl’s Wild Theater performances are free with admission to all zoo attendees. Performing teams also travel to schools and local community events at no charge.

“Kohl’s Wild Theater is one of the best zoo theater programs in the country thanks to Kohl’s tremendous support,” said Caroline Krider, Zoological Society of Milwaukee chairman of the board. “We’re thrilled and honored to continue our partnership with Kohl’s to provide quality conservation education programming designed to inspire children to care more about the animals and the world we share.”

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