Civil liberties countdown

WiG asked retiring ACLU of Wisconsin executive director Chris Ahmuty to share with readers the seven most important civil liberties advances over the past 30 years. These will appear in each of our seven issues to be printed before the organization’s annual Bill of Rights fundraising dinner on Nov. 19.

The countdown to the top begins with No. 7 on Ahmuty’s list.

No. 7

ACLU of Wisconsin members believe that for the Constitution to protect all of us it must protect each of us,” Ahmuty said. “We sometimes represent unpopular clients. We have successfully sued to improve medical and mental health care for prisoners. Milwaukee County Jail (1996 to present); Boscobel supermax (2000-02); transgender state prisoners denied essential transition-related care (2006-11); Taycheedah women’s prison (2006-16); and Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake juvenile facilities (investigating).”

Ahmuty’s No. 6 choice appears in the Sept. 8 issue.

— Louis Weisberg

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