Investigative reporter sues state lawmaker over electronic records

A Wisconsin reporter has filed a lawsuit demanding a state lawmaker turn over more than 1,000 pages of records in an electronic format.

Bill Lueders, a reporter and president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, filed the lawsuit this month in Madison.

He alleges he asked state Rep. Scott Krug’s office for correspondence with constituents over water issues from January through April 8.

The lawsuit alleges Krug’s office released more than 1,000 pages even though he asked for the material electronically so he could search it easily.

Krug, a Nekoosa Republican, says he hadn’t seen the lawsuit but insisted his office complied with the open records law.

He said he thinks the lawsuit is politically motivated since Lueders gave it to reporters first.

Lueders says he only wants compliance with the law.

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