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Waxing political: Madame Tussauds debuts Clinton, Trump sculpts

Madame Tussauds DC has released the first images featuring the clay-head sculpts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In keeping with tradition, the wax attraction in the heart of the nation's capital will create a wax figure of the 45th president in time for inauguration

This year marks the first time in the attraction's history that the creation of the presidential clay head sculpts began before their respective political parties officially announced their nominees.

This also is the first time that artists are working on sculpts of both major party presidential candidates.

"Anyone and everyone is discussing the presidential race right now, it is the most scrutinized election in recent memory," said Therese Alvich of Madame Tussauds D.C. "With hot button issues and polarizing candidates at the forefront of the race, this is a particularly fun year for us to participate in the tradition of making the next president of the United States."

Studio artists initiated the figure creation process in London.

With Trump and Clinton emerging as decisive front-runners, the six-month long figure making process began with the sculpting of their clay heads in June.

Displayed face-to-face, artists built the Clinton and Trump heads on wire frames that support the busts upright.

"Knowing how many eyes are diligently watching this election, made these clay sculpts even more exciting than usual," said Madame Tussauds principle sculptor Stephen Mansfield, who has worked on Clinton's figure, as well as that of George W. Bush in 2000. "Creating the Republican and Democratic nominees is one of our favorite traditions and I cannot wait to begin the final countdown of who we will see as a finished figure."

After Nov. 8, studio artists will use the clay head sculpt of the winning candidate to complete the elected figure in time for Inauguration Day.

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