Wisconsin's Gwen Moore addresses Democratic National Convention

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin addressed the Democratic National Convention on July 28. Moore spoke about Donald Trump's hateful sexist statements about women and Hillary Clinton's vision of an America that is "stronger together."

The following are Moore's remarks:

"Fat pigs." "Dogs." "Disgusting." That's what Donald Trump has called women. Is that what he sees in the daughters, mothers, and grandmothers of this country? Is that how he sees our place in America?

I am here from the great state of Wisconsin – the Badger State. I am here to tell you that I see things very differently!

I am here to tell you that Hillary Clinton sees it differently too. She has a very different vision of America, a vision of an America that is Stronger Together.

Pigs? Dogs? Disgusting? Too many women know where this toxic language leads. Too many women have experienced sexual violence and abuse. And I'm one of them. But we are not victims. We are survivors.

We have been bullied, beaten, and berated. Told to sit down and to shut up. Well, my voice matters, and I won't shut up.

Our voices matter, and we won't shut up. Women make our communities better – stronger each and every day. That's why Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for us.

She has fought to get equal pay for equal work. She has defended our right to make our own health care decisions. She has the battle scars from advocating for paid family leave and for affordable health care. Hillary Clinton has stood up to be counted when it counted for women. I trust Hillary, because at every turn and at every opportunity, Hillary has been the voice for the underrepresented and overlooked. And as President, she'll keep fighting for all of us!

Like Hillary, I am a grandmother. And I raised my granddaughters to stand proud and to stand strong. Now they give me strength. They are my joy, my inspiration, and my strength. I know the vision that I have for their future. I know the vision Hillary Clinton has for their America.

Donald Trump is telling us to sit down, to be quiet. Hillary is asking us to stand up. She is asking us to be heard.

My fellow Democrats, stand with Hillary because she stands with us. And, yes, because we are Stronger Together.

Thank you.

God bless our nominee, and God bless America.

I love you.

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