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At the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on day one of the DNC. — PHOTO: Connie Wolgast

Supporters march on Philly as Sanders readies for speech

Bernie Sanders is set to address the Democratic National Convention on its opening night in Philadelphia.

Early on July 25, day one of the party's four-day political celebration, a sea of Sanders supporters marched on Philadelphia, crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge from New Jersey into Pennsylvania.

The protest took place with Philadelphia under a heat wave, with temperatures in the high 90s.

"Bernie electrified this party," said activist Henry Carrington of Philadelphia. "And of course we're going to come together here. That's what the protesting is partly about. We've got something started. Let's get it done."

After the march, some assembled at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

There, demonstrators shouted, "This is what democracy looks like" as convention goers visited with representatives from an array of progressive, Democratic-leaning groups promoting gun control, reproductive freedom, immigrant rights, clean energy, girl power and more.

Delegates joined in with chanting. Some shouted, "Bernie, Bernie" and others shouted, "Win Hillary Win."

The convention was to open at about 4:30 p.m. on July 25.

His campaign said Sanders will "make it clear that Hillary Clinton is by far superior to Donald Trump on every major issue from economics and health care to education and the environment."

The campaign said the senator will stress the "most progressive platform in Democratic Party history includes agreements he reached with Clinton to dramatically expand health care access and to make public colleges tuition-free for students from families with annual incomes up to $125,000 a year."

Also, in his remarks, Sanders plans to rip into Trump for siding with the Koch brothers and echoing fossil fuel industry claims that climate change is a hoax despite the virtually unanimous scientific consensus that the warming planet is causing devastating harm.

Additionally, Sanders will send a message to the convention and to the 13 million voters who supported him that they have begun a political revolution to transform America and that the revolution — "Our Revolution" – continues.

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