Nation’s largest peace organization endorses Feingold

Peace Action, the nation’s largest peace organization, endorsed Democrat Russ Feingold for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin.

“Peace Action is proud to endorse Russ Feingold,” said Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action’s senior director and also the director of Peace Action’s PAC. “He warned of the folly of Bush’s Iraq war which turned out to be the largest foreign policy mistake of the century.

Martin added, “Additionally, Feingold thinks it is time to end our longest war in history — the Afghanistan War, that a large military intervention in Syria will only repeat the grave mistakes of the past and that we need to keep Pentagon bloat in check.  He concurs that the world needs to lessen the number of nuclear weapons and refrain from building more.  That’s why he supported the New START Treaty with Russia and the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Peace Action is confident in Feingold making rational, studied foreign policy decisions and keeping a critical eye on Pentagon expenditures.  His policies will make Americans safer.

Nearly 60 years ago,

Peace Action was founded nearly 60 years ago. Peace Action has an affiliate in Wisconsin called Peace Action of Wisconsin.

The former senator said of the endorsement, “Peace Action has long taken a stand against the kind of rhetoric that drives fear, anger, and violence in our communities. I look forward to working alongside them to reduce threats to peace and ensure economic justice here in Wisconsin and across the world.”

Feingold is challenging incumbent Republican Ron Johnson for the Senate seat.