Walker’s failed presidential campaign still owes $807,000

AP and WiG

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker still owes more than $807,000 in campaign debt from his failed presidential bid that ended nine months ago.

His latest campaign report filed Monday with the Federal Elections Commission shows Walker owes $807,675. That’s down about $91,000 from the previous month. His debt stood at $1.2 million at the end of 2015.

Walker ended his 71-day campaign for president in September, after average spending of $90,000 a day on his losing effort. He’s been slowly paying off his campaign debts since.

Walker’s latest filing shows he raised about $127,000 in May.

Walker has tried a number of tactics to eliminate his leftover debts.

In May, he rented out his donor list and email list to other candidates. The previous month, he offered to sell T-shirts from his failed campaign in exchange for $45 donations. Because Walker could not take requests for the size and color of the T-shirts he was selling, he suggested that buyers frame them or use them for craft projects.

It’s widely believed that Walker was forced to withdraw from the race because he ran out of money. Critics, including Republicans, chastised Walker for his fiscal imprudence, but apologists blamed it on his advisers, particularly his campaign manager, Rick Wiley.

But Donald Trump hired Walker’s former campaign manager Rick Wiley to serve as his political director, suggesting that Trump’s people did not think Wiley was to blame.

Walker has endorsed Trump for president.