PETA brings ‘Not a Dairy Queen’ to Dairy State for Pride

PETA will¬†take a new outreach campaign that promotes vegan eating to LGBT Pride celebrations this summer, including this weekend’s PrideFest in Milwaukee.

An announcement from the animal rights group said the campaign stars gay vegan icon Alan Cumming sporting PETA’s new pink T-shirt that reads, “Not a Dairy Queen.”

Volunteers wearing the pink shirts will give PrideFest Milwaukee event participants free postcards bearing Alan’s image, which “have information on the back about the cruelty common in the dairy trade as well as the many health benefits of a diet free of all animal-derived food and ingredients.”

PETA said other notable gay vegetarians include Ellen DeGeneres, Boy George, Joan Jett and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sharon Needles, who starred in another pro-vegan campaign for the nonprofit.

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