Nick Hawk

'Gigolos' star Nick Hawk insures his penis for $1M

Dolly Parton insured her boobs, Mick Jagger protected his lips, and Keith Richards got a policy for one of his middle fingers.

And now, in the latest episode of the Showtime reality series Gigolos, Madison native Nick Hawk insured his penis for $1 million.

Geldin Insurance is providing the policy for Hawk’s moneymaker.

“In the insurance business, you often get requests to insure odd and outrageous things, but without a doubt being asked to give a quote and to insure someone’s penis is by far the most unusual request in my 24 years in the business,” said company CEO George Geldin in a press release. “It’s not all that unusual for well known personalities and celebrities to have their various body parts insured ... legs, vocal chords, even hair, but a penis is an absolute first.”

Hawk, one of the series’ original cast members, has been a companion for women for seven years. He began working for in 2009.

“Nick’s member has been a precious asset for many years,” according to a statement from his publicist. “When he was still in college (as an English major at UW-Stevens Point) and first pursuing his acting career, he began stripping at parties to make good money on his own schedule. Within a year, he launched, which books male and female strippers for private parties, including bachelor, bachelorette and birthday bashes.”

The company offers strippers in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Hawaii.

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