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My picks for the April 5 election

The results of the April 5 election could have a big impact on the presidential race and will most certainly affect our lives here in Wisconsin. Get out and vote!

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is a no-brainer for me. Joanne Kloppenburg is the candidate with the most judicial experience and the balanced temperament we need on the court. Before serving on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, she was an assistant attorney general under both Democratic and Republican governors for over 20 years.

Corporate interests and anti- government ideologues are putting millions behind Kloppenburg's opponent, the inexperienced and intemperate Rebecca Bradley. Bradley is a political appointee of Gov. Scott Walker. Electing Bradley to a 10-year term would solidify the court’s conservative majority (5-2) for the foreseeable future.

In addition to her inexperience and dodgy paymasters, Bradley slurred “queers” and people with AIDS in her college newspaper at Marquette. She has apologized and put it off to youthful indiscretion. I see it differently.

College is usually a time of open-minded thoughts among young people who want to change the world for the better. It's disturbing that Bradley would express such contempt toward others, especially at that age. Why entrust our laws to someone who harbored such hatred at any time of her life?

Vote Kloppenburg for Supreme Court.

The city and county of Milwaukee will elect a mayor and county executive, respectively.

Mayor Tom Barrett will get my vote over his opponent, the reactionary alderman Bob Donovan. I wish that Barrett had a more viable opponent, however, because the problems of the city have grown since he became mayor in 2004. Downtown development is great, but the roads and schools and neighborhoods continue to deteriorate. It’s time for someone with new ideas to see what they can achieve.

I feel the same about the county executive race so I support the challenger, Chris Larson.

I am concerned about the power grabs County Executive Chris Abele has arranged in cahoots with the governor and GOP legislators. I don’t like his contempt for county board representatives and his collusion in reducing the board. I think his plan to squeeze delinquent taxpayers to subsidize the billionaires’ new Bucks stadium is disgraceful.

Time for new blood: time for Chris Larson.

This year’s presidential race is the wildest in modern history. My fondest hope is that the Republican Party continues to sabotage its prospects with in-fighting about Donald Trump. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving party!

Since I thought I’d never see the day a socialist would run on a major party ticket, my primary vote on April 5 will go to Sen. Bernie Sanders. I admire his determination and his insistence on putting economic inequality at the center of political debate. I love that he’s given Hillary Clinton a serious challenge and that he’s mobilized so many young voters.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, I hope Sanders can induce his followers to support her. Clinton is unquestionably the most experienced candidate of either party. She is the most well-versed on every issue and a workaholic to boot.

In a match-up with any of the GOP candidates, especially Trump, it will be essential for moderates and liberals to vote for Clinton. I certainly will.

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