Zero-growth population advocates mark World Vasectomy Day

Conversations about population control often focus on women, but the other half of the population plays a role,  too.

World Vasectomy Day stems from the other side of the equation. It’s observed annually on Nov. 13, but don’t expect your iPhone to ping with a reminder.

Filmmaker Jonathan Stack launched  the observance, which seeks to encourage people to talk about the vasectomy as a way to avoid unplanned pregnancy and promote population control for the sake of the environment.

Proponents of the campaign — headquartered online at — include physicians, policymakers and environmental activists who offer a long list of reasons to support World Vasectomy Day:

• Because men must share the responsibility of family planning.

• Because eliminating the fear of unintended pregnancy can improve sex lives.

• Because everyone must do a fairer job of sharing the planet’s finite resources.

• Because a vasectomy is less invasive than tubal ligation and healthier than taking hormones or chemicals.

In 2014, more than 400 physicians in 30 countries performed 3,000 vasectomies, making World Vasectomy Day the largest global family-planning event in history.

This year, supporters hope to enlist the aid of doctors in 40 countries and video from some of the procedures may be streamed live on the Web.

The Center for Biological Diversity offers T-shirts on Nov. 13 to men who share in a few sentences why they “got whacked for wildlife.”

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