On the record: Tommy Thompson said what?

Louis Weisberg, Staff writer

“I don’t think any candidate between now and the Republican convention is going to get the necessary number of 1,188 delegates to get the nomination. …  I think we’re going to have a convention in which nobody has enough votes.”

— Former Wisconsin GOV. TOMMY THOMPSON telling Milwaukee right-wing radio personality Charlie Sykes that he believes Republicans will end up having a brokered convention next year.

“I’m just getting started.”

— PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA telling listeners at a fundraiser about his post-presidential plans.

“Instead of celebrating Columbus, who is more accurately credited with initiating the trans-Atlantic slave trade than with discovering America, this bill observes the importance of indigenous peoples to our society. Our children especially deserve a state that recognizes the truth so our schools can teach the same.”

— State REP. DAVID BOWEN, D-Milwaukee, in a statement announcing that he’s circulating legislation to recognize Oct. 12 as Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day.

“Racism exists because we have a sin problem in America, not a skin problem. #DemDebate”

— MIKE HUCKABEE live tweeting during the first Democratic presidential debate.

“White supremacists post to social media and studies now posit that mass killings are contagious. Violence begets violence, and through the power of the Internet, a meeting hall is no longer needed. Formal organizational structures are unnecessary. Connections are made, and messages spread, through the push of a button.”

— JOHN CARLIN, assistant attorney general in charge of the U.S. Justice Department’s National Security Division, speaking  at George Washington University.

“It is scary that people believe this, but it’s not unusual. Human beings have this propensity to believing, falling for every single apocalyptic doom that they are told is happening. It’s just absurd and it’s all based on bogus, bohunk computer modeling. There’s not one shred of scientific data.”

— RUSH LIMBAUGH mocking climate change as an outrageous apocalyptic conspiracy theory to his radio audience.

“I saw something on Facebook (that said), ‘How about every time somebody wants to buy a gun, we put them through what we are talking about putting women through with having an abortion?’ So it’s like, ‘Are you really sure? Are you really sure? Watch the short film on what could happen if you get a gun. It’s like, come on.”

— AMY BRENNEMEN, star of HBO’s The Leftovers, talking to HuffPost Live.

“(Republicans) don’t mind having big government to interfere with a woman’s right to choose and to try to take down Planned Parenthood. They’re fine with big government when it comes to that. I’m sick of it.”

— HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON during the first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.