Entertainment briefs | Hillary does ‘SNL’ and more

AP and WiG reports

Meet ‘Val’: Hillary does ‘SNL

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton appeared on the season opener of Saturday Night Live as a wise bartender named Val who pours a drink or two for, ahem, Hillary Clinton (played by SNL regular Kate McKinnon). 

It was an unusual move (most political candidates who appear on SNL do so just for a cameo, rather than actually acting) but one that highlights Clinton’s goals to present herself as more warm and personable in this presidential bid. The former senator, First Lady and secretary of state also has appeared this year on talk shows hosted by Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres.

Among the Clinton foibles the sketch poked fun at: Clinton’s slow opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, her late-arriving support of gay marriage and her inability to take a vacation. Former cast member Darrell Hammond popped in as Bill Clinton, only to run away at the sight of double the Hillary.

Eau Claire museum celebrates 10 years

The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire started off as a chance idea — sparked by a young girl’s question of why the city didn’t have one. But when her father, Patrick Rebman, talked to friends Suzie Slota and Tina Eichstadt about it, it started to become a reality. The trio spread the word and the museum officially opened its doors in 2004. This year, it’s concluding a yearlong celebration of its 10th anniversary.

According to Slota, attendance the first year was about 50,000 and executive director Michael McHorney says this year’s attendance hovered around the same number. Additionally, the museum has served as an anchor for downtown Eau Claire, bringing a young demographic into the community. 

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Trevor Noah takes over ‘Daily Show,’ praises Stewart

South African comic Trevor Noah moved in at The Daily Show on Sept. 28, promising he’d try not to make predecessor Jon Stewart seem like a “crazy old dude who left his inheritance to some random kid from Africa.”

Noah took over as host after Stewart decided that 16 years of lampooning politics and the media — half of the 31-year-old Noah’s life span — was enough and stepped down in August. Despite a new desk and set, Noah retained much of Stewart’s staff, the show’s theme music and format.

Noah paid tribute to Stewart early in the telecast, saying he was “more than just a late-night host. … He was often our voice, our refuge and in many ways our political dad. And it’s weird because Dad has left and now it feels like the family has a new stepdad — and he’s black.”

Leinenkugel ‘fan pack’ gives new definition to ‘hatbox’

Your old foam cheesehead looking a little worse for wear? New Packers gameday apparel is no further away than a box of Leinies! The Wisconsin brewery recently unveiled its Honey Weiss “fan pack,” a bright yellow, 15-can box in the shape of a triangle, designed to be emptied and worn as headgear. That’s using your thinking cap.