Scott Walker pulls out of Calif. GOP convention speech

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will no longer headline the California Republican Party’s upcoming convention.

A spokeswoman for the California GOP confirmed Saturday the Republican presidential candidate will not deliver the convention’s keynote address on Sept. 19, as planned, now will he attend the state gathering in Anaheim next weekend. She did not provide any explanation for the cancellation.

Fellow GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is scheduled to attend the party event on Sept. 18.

Scott’s campaign did not immediately return a request for comment. Observers believe the governor has decided to focus his attention on the early voting states, including Iowa, where he led the pack for most of the year but since has tumbled to 3 percent.

Pundits say Walker shot himself in the foot by taking as many positions as he could on some key issues, demonstrating a shallow lack of knowledge about world affairs and turning in a lackluster performance at the first Republican presidential debate.

It’s possible that the protesters who’ve been dogging his campaign have brought to light his dismal economic record and political scandals in Wisconsin.

The rise of Donald Trump, who is, if nothing else, an authentic candidate, has highlighted Walker’s phoniness and unwillingness to answer questions directly.

Walker still is scheduled to appear at the Sept. 16 televised debate at the Reagan Presidential Library in California. The supporters who remain behind him are praying that he’ll deliver a powerful performance there.

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