Madison removing stones from Philosopher’s Grove

The Wisconsin Gazette

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin on Aug. 10 announced that he instructed city staff to remove the granite and bronze stones from the area in the 100 block of Mifflin Street known as Philosopher’s Grove.

Police officials have reported that the matter is one of public safety.

Officers have had increasing calls to the area for numerous violations ranging from vandalism and fights, to the sale of illegal narcotics and assaults.

The mayor said the stones were being removed this week at the request of the police department.

“While I appreciate the continued efforts of the State Street BID to plan events in the area, there continue to be many complaints and concerns raised by business owners, visitors and residents,” said Soglin in a news release.

He continued, “It is really unfortunate that this step is needed as these stones, created by local Wisconsin artist Jill Sebastian, are part of a piece of art which have been part of the grove for over 10 years. The city intends to work with the artist to determine an alternative location for their installation, so that the work will continue to be a celebrated and an important part of the city’s public art collection.”

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