Walker headlining right-wing ALEC conference

From AP and WiG reports

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headlining the conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the right-wing bill mill powered by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers.

Walker, a Koch-brother loyalist was joining Mike Huckabee and others at the annual gathering, being held this year in San Diego and giving a special platform — behind closed doors — to the GOP candidates for president.

ALEC — the membership includes politicians and corporations — provides model state and local legislation, including measures that roll back worker rights, encourage racial profiling, block voting access and provide defenses for gun violence.

Walker, perhaps more than any other governor, has delivered on moving ALEC-backed bills, including the anti-union, anti-choice and anti-public education measures enacted in Wisconsin over the past five years.

ALEC’s annual meeting began on July 22 with workshops and other programs. Walker and Huckabee were scheduled to speak on July 23.

Conference-goers were met by protesters outside the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Some carrying signs that read “Stop the Assault on Working People” and “Big $$$ Out of Politics.”

The hotel restricted access to the building to include only registered guests.