Scott Walker raises $5.9 million this year, not including funds donated to groups supporting him

The Associated Press

Gov. Scott Walker raised nearly $5.9 million in the first six months of the year through a state committee used to finance his races for governor.

Walker reported the fundraising Monday to state regulators.

The money raised by his Friends of Scott Walker committee is separate from other groups he and his supporters have created to bolster his run for the Republican presidential nomination. Those groups generally raise far more than candidates because there are no contribution limits and they are not required to reveal the identities of their donors.

Monday’s report shows that Walker raised nearly $5.9 million and spent almost $5.7 million over that time.

Walker also created a tax-exempt committee called Our American Revival to raise money as he explored a presidential run, and his backers have created a super PAC called Unintimidated that can also raise unlimited amounts.