Politics and jobs: Partisan occupations?

Most librarians are Democrats. Most farmers are Republicans.

Doctors, as a group, are in the middle, but pediatricians lean to the left and urologists to the right.

This is according to Verdant Labs. The creators of the Nametrix baby name app dove into the campaign contribution data at the Federal Election Commission and came up with Democratic and Republican occupations.

DEMOCRATS: Environmentalist, flight attendant, bartender, taxi driver, innkeeper, chairwoman, sculptor, floral designer, yoga instructor, architect, bookseller, Episcopal priest, carpenter, midwife, park ranger, gardener, chef, comedian, poker player, union organizer, psychiatrist.

REPUBLICANS: Neurosurgeon, petroleum geologist, business owner, insurance agent, talk show host, cattle feeder, sheriff, surgeon, plumber, Catholic priest, pawnbroker, home builder, car salesman, exterminator, plastic surgeon, chairman, motel owner, logger, truck driver, beer wholesaler, pilot and oil worker.

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