Season is brewing

Lisa Neff, Staff writer

Opening day at Miller Park is on April 6, with the Brewers taking on the Rockies in an afternoon game.

The Brewers open the season with a six-game home stand — first Colorado, then Pittsburgh.

With spring training coming to a close and the season soon to start, Public Policy Polling, a national progressive polling firm, turned its attention from politics to athletics. The polling firm found that 64 percent of Wisconsinites identify as Brewers fans. About 8 percent admit they are fans of the Chicago Cubs, but no other Major League team gets above 3 percent in the state.

About 66 percent of Brewers fans think the team still will be on the field in October and 24 percent think the team will reach the World Series. Expectations are lower than before the 2014 season, when about 80 percent of Brewers fans expected to watch their team playing for the championship.

PPP also found:

• Aaron Rodgers continues to be the most popular figure in Wisconsin, with 79 percent of voters in the state having a favorable opinion of the Packers quarterback. Apparently the only Wisconsin favorites more popular than Rodgers are Wisconsin cheese (80 percent favorability) and Wisconsin beer (65 percent favorability).

• Badgers fans don’t have much use for departed football coaches. Gary Andersen has a 15 percent favorability rating with the school’s fan base and Bret Bielema is at 17 percent.

• About 52 percent of those in the state identify as University of Wisconsin-Madison fans; 14 percent fans of UW-Green Bay, 8 percent fans of Marquette and 5 percent fans of UW-Milwaukee.