Hillary Clinton bests Jeb Bush in Florida polling

The Wisconsin Gazette

A Public Policy Polling survey of Floridians found that just 37 percent of voters in the state think former Gov. Jeb Bush should run for president.

And, among Floridians, Hillary Clinton is ahead of the entire field of potential GOP candidates for president, as well as any potential Democratic presidential candidates.

Clinton has leads of 2-8 points over Republican potentials. She’s got 47 percent to Bush’s 44 percent. Rand Paul trails her by four points and Mike Huckabee by five. Chris Christie and Ted Cruz trail by seven and Ben Carson, Rick Perry and Scott Walker are behind eight points.

Bush is a favorite among the Republicans, with Walker in second, Marco Rubio in third, Carson in fourth, Huckabee in fifth. Since the last poll by PPP in Florida, which was in June, Bush has dropped five points and Walker has climbed 10 points. 

However, about 52 percent of Florida voters say Bush should not run for president.

In the Democratic field, Clinton soars. She’s polling over 50 percent with liberals and moderates, men and women, whites and African Americans and voters in every age group.