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Ted Cruz to announce bid for presidency tomorrow

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz plans to announce Monday that he will run for president, according to The Houston Chronicle and other news sources. He will become the first high-profile Republican to officially enter the 2016 race.

Cruz has not been coy about his intentions to seek the GOP nomination, so the announcement will come as no surprise. He made his first trip to New Hampshire earlier this month to help lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign, after already having reached out to tea party activists and donors.

His plan to jump into the race formally was confirmed by a strategist for the first-term Republican senator, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity so as not to preclude the announcement.

While Cruz is the first Republican to declare his candidacy, he is sure to be followed by several big names in the GOP, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and two Senate colleagues — Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Florida’s Marco Rubio. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also is expected to formally announce his candidacy in the near future.

Like Walker, Cruz has considerable appeal among the Republican Party’s base of conservative voters and religious fundamentalists. Both candidates are also gaffe prone. Cruz recently sent out a tweet urging Congress to repeal the law forcing schools to adhere to Common Core standards — but no such law has ever existed.

In 2013, Cruz insinuated the Chuck Hagel, then the defense secretary, may have been on the payroll of the North Koreans.

The Canadian-born Cruz has proven to be a thorn in his party’s side on many occasions. He won praise from tea party activists for leading the GOP’s push to shut down the federal government during an unsuccessful bid to block money for Obamacare, but Republican leaders were chagrined by the maneuver.

Following the incident, a senior GOP House aide told the Huffington Post, "Some people came here to govern and make things better for their constituents. Ted Cruz came here to throw bombs and fundraise off of attacks on fellow Republicans. He's a joke, plain and simple.”

Cruz continues to be a leading voice for the law’s repeal. He also promises to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, scrap the Education Department and curtail federal regulators, likening them to locusts.

Despite his erratic behavior and misstatements, Cruz was one of the nation’s top college debaters while a student at Princeton University, according to AP. Like Walker, who wrote a book in anticipation of his presidential bid, Cruz is set to release a book this summer that he said would reflect the themes of his White House campaign.

Walker’s book was ridiculed for the governor’s claim that God spoke to and consulted with him over political decisions.

In a recent Associated Press interview, Cruz said he wants to counter the “caricatures” of the far right as “stupid,” “evil” or “crazy.”

The son of an American mother and Cuban-born father, Cruz would be the nation’s first half-Hispanic president. Two lawyers who represented presidents from both parties at the Supreme Court recently wrote in the Harvard Law Review that they think Cruz meets the constitutional standard to run despite being a Canadian native.

Cruz will still retain his Senate seat through early 2019, even if he spends the majority of his time campaigning.

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