Clinton leads Walker in Wisconsin poll

Wisconsin Gazette

Public Policy Polling’s most recent Wisconsin poll — released on March 10 — shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with increased enthusiasm among Republicans in the state for his White House bid. But Walker trails well behind Hillary Clinton in a potential general election contest for the presidency.

PPP’s poll of Wisconsin voters found 35 percent in the state want Walker to run for president, compared to 58 percent who don’t think he should run.

The poll also shows that Walker’s approval numbers have dipped over the past few months. Before the midterm election in November 2014, his approval spread was 49/47. The spread is now 43/52, with the decline among independents.

The recently signed right-to-work law might be a factor — 42 percent of voters support it, according to PPP.

In a look at hypothetical contests for president, Walker trails Clinton, with Clinton at 52 percent and Walker at 43. He also trails Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in his home state.

The enthusiasm for Walker is in his party: 53 percent of Wisconsin GOP voters would support Walker for the presidential nomination, followed by 12 percent for Ben Carson, 8 percent for Jeb Bush, 6 percent for Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, 4 percent for Chris Christie, 3 percent for Mike Huckabee, 2 percent for Ted Cruz and 1 percent for Rick Perry.

In the state, the GOP hopeful that does the best against Clinton is Rand Paul, who would still trail 48-42.

Among Democratic voters in Wisconsin, 60 percent want Clinton to be the nominee, followed by 14 percent for Biden and 12 percent for Warren.

PPP also polled on a potential Senate race between incumbent Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Russ Feingold, who lost the seat in 2010. Feingold gets 50 percent to 41 percent for Johnson.

Johnson would lead by 6-8 points in a contest with U.S. Reps. Mark Pocan or Gwen Moore and Mary Burke’s lead over Johnson is just a point — 46/45.

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